Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability


Our Food Packaging

Here at Gymology we are dedicated to providing the best quality food, and to do that, we need to package, seal, transport in suitable packaging.  Our meal containers also need to be suitable for microwave heating.

We are also conscious of our responsibility to the environment which is why we have sourced, what we feel is the best solution for our food. We've spared no expense!

Our containers are produced with renewable or even recycled cardboard, without sacrificing the quality of the food. BPA free (non toxic) and recyclable, you can peel the inner thin layer from the cardboard, leaving a renewable cardboard that suits recycling requirements to be placed into your cardboard recycling bins. Space-saving too as they fold completely flat!

Our Minimal Food Wastage

All our ordering is done on precice weights for all the meals ordered in advanced, to ensure we get tiny amounts of food waste!

However, any food unaccounable for, does not go to waste. We have teamed up with the Audacious Foundation - a fantastic team who give a great deal of their time and energy to helping those in need - particularly school children who often go without much needed nourishment and the homeless in Manchester.

'Our vision is for a care system that has positive outcomes for children, families, members of staff, and managers. We aim to transform residential care by promoting emotional wellbeing throughout the organisation, ensuring that our children’s home is a place where all who live and work there can thrive in a safe and loving family environment. '

Chantelle Short (The Audacious Foundation)

Our Outer Packaging

The outer CoolTec packaging is the best space-efficient format to reduce carbon emissions in the delivery process, as well as it all being re-usable and fully recyclable too (even the ice packs).

A well-know recyclable item, these boxes are also great for moving house, decorating for a child's toy box or any other short-term storage you can think of. When they're done, add them to the recycling bin so they can disappear and be remade into something else!

You can also recycle the plastic from the ice packs too, but before you think about disposing of it, there are lots of things you can do to reuse gel packs:

Ice baths

Cooling your shopping, drinks or picnic

Gardening - open the plasic packaging and mix the gel contents into the soil. Its a very efficient water retatiner to keep plants thriving.